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A journey as co-author of Tech Radar

Thoughtworks Technology Radar is a twice-yearly snapshot of tools, techniques, platforms, languages and frameworks. Each edition of the guide reflects the incorporation of our open knowledge culture, sharing our experiences and using the global approach first. 


The first edition was released in January 2010. In 15 years of history, we can say that we still believe in the vast majority of the techniques of each edition of the guide, especially those that were placed in the "adopt" ring. The Radar has maintained its structure, but we have advanced over time by making it more intuitive and accessible for each of the technologists around the world. 

Camilla Crispim, Principal Engineer Consultant and co-author of Tech Radar, has a history of impact with Radar. "I’ve been with Thoughtworks since 2013. I did a lot of things in my time in technical leadership roles for teams and accounts, but I was also Technical Assistant for the CTO Global, who at the time was Rebecca Parsons. Consequently, I was Product Owner of Tech Radar from 2016 to 2018. In 2020, I was invited to return to the group, as co-author, representing Brazil". 

Technology radar team meeting for volumn 30

Getting to volume 30 of the Radar takes us back to a long journey in which Thoughtworkers had contact with different technologies and developed a variety of knowledge. Only in this edition, 22 people participated in the definition and construction – not to mention all the Thoughtworkers who suggested inputs and gave feedback. Of these 22 of the last edition, 6 of them are co-authors since the first edition, which began only as an internal publication.

Camilla Crispim Headshot

"Thoughtworks is not observant of industry trends. We are the movers of the industry. Therefore, Radar is not a simple publication, a list of technology or a survey of what is happening in the market. It is a biannual opinion on technologies and practices with which Thoughtworkers have experience from the work we do with our clients," says Camilla. 


We solve complex real-world business problems and this ultimately triggers innovation – primarily on how to solve these complex problems. For this reason, we are often the cradle of practices and techniques, or the first to apply new technologies in the most diverse contexts. No wonder our people have active roles as thought leaders, having published more than 100 books in different languages. 

"Some subjects began as blips on the Radar and show the tone of the technology industry today. Infrastructure as code first appeared in January 2011 and Kief Morris, Infrastructure Delivery Architect at Thoughtworks, published a book on the same topic in 2016. This makes me very proud to work at Thoughtworks because we change the way the industry makes software", Camilla concludes.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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