Recently I had the pleasure of presenting at TWLive13 Australia. As an Agile Analytics Champion, it was immensely rewarding to be in the room with so many passionate technology leaders who wanted to talk about data, numbers and analytics.

It became apparent to me, however, that the number of companies struggling with how to approach big data is even higher than I first thought. Organizations of all types are really struggling with how to size their investments, how to measure them, and how not to get caught up in the hype cycle.

One of the reasons I'm so excited about our approach is that it is a science-based approach, not a tool-based approach.  We are not a Hadoop practice, we are not a SAS practice, we are not a BI practice, we are an Agile Analytics practice, focused on business opportunity - with the tool or technique used to support the opportunity being secondary. 

Take a look at this short video from TWLive to learn more about Agile Analytics.

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