The Next Normal: The need to transform has never been greater

A Webinar for Business & Technology Leaders

COVID-19 has transformed every industry forever. New patterns of customer demand have emerged, the rate of transformation has amplified and made the digital divide blindingly obvious. 

But the challenges faced by companies are not limited to the initial blow of COVID-19, nor the secondary waves or long lasting impact that may follow. Companies need to be prepared for the bounce back, the influx of value that will need to be provided to consumers once the effects of the virus wear off. 

As economies recover, customer behavior will have changed forever and the post pandemic era will be a vastly different reality. Now is the time to reflect on what you are doing as a company, take stock, adapt and create resilience in response to the next normal.

Session 1 recording:

1:00pm AEST |10:00am Bangkok | 11:00am Singapore |11:00am Beijing

Session 2 recording:

7:00pm AEST | 10:00am London | 11:00am Frankfurt | 2:30pm Bangalore

About the webinar

Now more than ever digital readiness will be called upon, so while stalling transformation activity has been a necessity for many organisations during this time, it also should be one of the first things to ramp back up. It may not look the same - it should be far more focused on the unique needs of each business and targeted towards resilience and responsiveness.

In this webinar, author and Thoughtworks Principal, Gary O’Brien will discuss precisely what leaders need to focus on in order to prepare their organisation for the next normal:

  • Focus now on the right initiatives in order to pave a new path for your organisation
  • Deal with the increased speed of change, decision making and time to market
  • Bridge the digital divide in the organisation by embracing new technology and creating new value streams for customers
  • Build resilience so that your organisation can quickly respond to industry disruption


Gary O'Brien

Principal, Thoughtworks

Gary is a Principal Consultant with Thoughtworks, joining in 2010 in Australia. After working with hundreds of organisations around the world, Gary understands the challenges that business leaders face throughout the process of transformation and has distilled this experience into recently-published book Digital Transformation Game Plan with co-authors Guo Xiao and Mike Mason.

Want to find out more about the book?

We're delighted to be able to offer an excerpt comprising the first three chapters of Digital Transformation Game Plan.

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