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AWS and Thoughtworks: Data and Analytics

AWS and Thoughtworks: Data and Analytics

We have succeeded in helping customers evaluate and use the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale so that they can win with data. We constantly look at opportunities that data modernization and data mesh can bring to enterprises while sustainably transforming their business and engineering teams.


Combining Thoughtworks’ data expertise, engineering rigor and architectural innovation with the power of AWS data & analytics services, we help you unleash the power of data and AI and realize value from your data initiatives faster, continuously, and ultimately shift to delivering outsized value through data ecosystems.

The Thoughtworks difference - Win with Data


Data-driven everything is something we specialize in. And it’s just one way we deliver extraordinary impact. We’re passionate about building data-driven sustainable modern businesses and delivering business value at scale for enterprises. 


Thoughtworks has pioneered many of today’s standard industry practices - agile software development, continuous delivery and microservices. When all software is getting more and more intelligent, being at the forefront of Data & AI development is natural for us.


Our approach to Data Mesh and data analytics advances the state of the art while drawing on lessons learned from modern distributed architectures and platform thinking to achieve success in data services.


We work closely with our clients to achieve their digital goals, no matter what stage of their transformation journey, adapting and iterating to best suit their business priorities. 


Our Data & AI services include the full range of services: Data strategy, Data platforms, Intelligent Products, Decision science, Decision factory, Data Governance, Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning, and Data Mesh.

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