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Generate advantage with AI-powered products

Customers expect your products and service experiences to be just as intelligent and convenient as their favorite generative AI tools. So how can you use AI in your approaches to gain a competitive advantage?
Three people in generative AI product workshop
Three people in generative AI product workshop

GenAI Digital Product Accelerator Workshop

Our GenAI Digital Product Accelerator Workshop prepares your business and product leaders to make more informed and strategic decisions on integrating generative AI into business product and service applications. Expect clear insights based on your customer and industry needs, problem-solving and actionable outcomes in a dynamic setting.


In 2-5 hours* we’ll help your organization:


  • Evaluate your value chain to explore GenAI use cases
  • Prioritize use cases by impact and complexity
  • Align on next steps to accelerate product and service innovation with AI
  • Identify partners who may be able help accelerate your path to AI production. 


After the workshop you will receive:


  1. A workshop synthesis

  2. A recommended list of GenAI use cases

  3. A GenAI demo based on the use cases you select


*Workshop times vary by scope. 


People working on white board to prioritize generative AI needs
People working on white board to prioritize generative AI needs

Preparing for success

For this workshop to be most effective, we recommend sponsorship by a senior director or above within your product or engineering organization. Your sponsor(s) should be individuals with the remit to take this work forward. The workshop works best with 8-12 people. 


We leverage decades of experience in design, product thinking, AI and modern application development to empower your teams to understand what customers expect, guide you to move beyond experimentation to take meaningful action, and inspire you to integrate the latest in generative AI into your products.

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