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Logstash & Graylog2

This blip is not on the current edition of the radar. If it was on one of the last few editions it is likely that it is still relevant. If the blip is older it might no longer be relevant and our assessment might be different today. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the bandwidth to continuously review blips from previous editions of the radarUnderstand more
Jan 2014
As the systems we build involve more fine-grained services spread across more machines than ever before, the challenge of how to get information aggregated to allow for easy problem identification and resolution is more pressing than ever. Logstash has emerged as an easy way to parse and filter logs at source, and then forward them to a single aggregation point. Although Logstash provides some searching and filtering, Graylog2 is often used in conjunction to provide for more fully-featured querying and reporting.
May 2013