Use "remote native" processes and approaches

May 2020

Distributed teams come in many shapes and setups; delivery teams in a 100% single-site co-located setup, however, have become the exception for us. Most of our teams are either multisite teams or have at least some team members working off-site. Therefore, using "remote native" processes and approaches by default can help significantly with the overall team flow and effectiveness. This starts with making sure that everybody has access to the necessary remote systems. Moreover, using tools such as Visual Studio Live Share, MURAL or Jamboard turn online workshops and remote pairing into routines instead of ineffective exceptions. But "remote native" goes beyond a lift-and-shift of co-location practices to the digital world: Embracing more asynchronous communication, even more discipline around decision documentation, and "everybody always remote" meetings are other approaches our teams practice by default to optimize for location fluidity.