Git based CMS/Git for non-code

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Published: May 05, 2015
May 2015

These days, most software developers are used to working with Git for source code control and collaboration. But Git can be used as a base mechanism for other circumstances where a group of people need to collaborate on textual documents (that can easily be merged). We’ve seen increasing amounts of projects use Git as the basis for a lightweight CMS, with text-based editing formats. Git has powerful features for tracking changes and exploring alternatives, with a distributed storage model that is fast in use and tolerant of networking issues. The biggest problem with wider adoption is that Git isn’t very easy to learn for non-programmers, but we expect to see more tools that build on top of the core Git plumbing. Such tools simplify the workflow for specific audiences, such as content authors. We would also welcome more tools to support diffing and merging for non-textual documents.