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Generic cloud usageNew

May 2018

The major cloud providers continue to add new features to their clouds at a rapid pace, and under the banner of Polycloud we've suggested using multiple clouds in parallel, to mix and match services based on the strengths of each provider’s offerings. Increasingly, we're seeing organizations prepare to use multiple clouds — not to benefit from individual provider’s strengths, though, but to avoid vendor "lock-in" at all costs. This, of course, leads to generic cloud usage, only using features that are present across all providers, which reminds us of the lowest common denominator scenario we saw 10 years ago when companies avoided many advanced features in relational databases in an effort to remain vendor neutral. The problem of lock-in is real. However, instead of treating it with a sledgehammer approach, we recommend looking at this problem from the perspective of exit costs and relate those to the benefits of using cloud-specific features.