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Four key metricsNew

Nov 2018

The State of DevOps report, first published in 2014, states that high-performing teams create high-performing organizations. Recently, the team behind the report released Accelerate, which describes the scientific method they've used in the report. A key takeaway of both are the four key metrics to support software delivery performance: lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to restore (MTTR), and change fail percentage. As a consultancy that has helped many organizations transform, these metrics have come up time and time again as a way to help organizations determine whether they're improving the overall performance. Each metric creates a virtuous cycle and focuses the teams on continuous improvement: to reduce lead time, you reduce wasteful activities which, in turn, lets you deploy more frequently; deployment frequency forces your teams to improve their practices and automation; your speed to recover from failure is improved by better practices, automation and monitoring which reduces the frequency of failures.