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Published : Apr 03, 2024
Apr 2024
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AI coding assistance tools like GitHub Copilot are currently mostly talked about in the context of assisting and enhancing an individual's work. However, software delivery is and will remain team work, so you should be looking for ways to create AI team assistants to help create the "10x team," as opposed to a bunch of siloed AI-assisted 10x engineers. We've started using a team assistance approach that can increase knowledge amplification, upskilling and alignment through a combination of prompts and knowledge sources. Standardized prompts facilitate the use of agreed-upon best practices in the team context, such as techniques and templates for user story writing or the implementation of practices like threat modeling. In addition to prompts, knowledge sources made available through retrieval-augmented generation provide contextually relevant information from organizational guidelines or industry-specific knowledge bases. This approach gives team members access to the knowledge and resources they need just in time.

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