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Apr 2019

TypeScript, a statically typed language and superset of JavaScript, has become our sensible default. Large-scale projects benefit most from the type safety. Our developers favor its minimal configuration management, well-integrated IDE support and its ability to refactor code safely and gradually adopt types. With its good repository of TypeScript-type definitions at hand, we benefit from all the rich JavaScript libraries while gaining type safety.

Nov 2018

TypeScript is a carefully considered language and its consistently improving tools and IDE support continues to impress us. With a good repository of TypeScript-type definitions, we benefit from all the rich JavaScript libraries while gaining type safety. This is particularly important as our browser-based code base continues to grow. The type safety in TypeScript lets you use IDEs and other tools to provide deeper context into your code and make changes and refactor code with safety. TypeScript, being a superset of JavaScript, and documentation and the community has helped ease the learning curve.

Jul 2014
TypeScript is an interesting approach to bringing a new programming language to the browser. With TypeScript, the new language features compile down to normal JavaScript, and yet as a superset of JavaScript it does not feel like a completely new language. It does not represent an either-or proposition and it does not relegate JavaScript to an intermediate execution platform. Many of the language features are based on planned future extensions of JavaScript.
Jan 2014