Fausto de la Torre

Head of Technology, Ecuador

I am a software engineer, maverick since birth, I like that my actions have purpose, atheist, passionate about technology, books and football.

As Head of Technology in the Andes region, I work leading and executing technology strategy within the Andean region helping to unlock the potential of Thoughtworks teams looking for more effective solutions to take our customers to next level. I have worked as an architect and software developer in several verticals of the industry in different methodologies for more than a decade.

I like to think in my life as a continuous endless learning trip.

Every time I know about something, an entire ocean of new questions appears.

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Quito, Guayaquil, Kampala, Porto Alegre, Santiago, Hamburg, Berlin, Lima, Montevideo, Santo Domingo, Santa Cruz, Buenos Aires, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Barcelona