Chad Wathington

Chad Wathington

Chief Strategy Officer

Chad ensures ThoughtWorks can execute its strategy, deliver value to clients, and scale its service offerings. He is responsible for global business strategy, strategic planning, corporate development, and partnerships.

Chad joined ThoughtWorks in 2004, after a stint in strategic consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. Two years later, he co-founded the ThoughtWorks Products division, where he served as VP of Product and eventually Managing Director. A product manager by trade, Chad has frequently spoken on the future of product management and innovation. Chad helped drive ThoughtWorks’ early adoption of Ruby on Rails. He also sponsored its early push into Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

In 2016, Chad was asked to bring product thinking to ThoughtWorks’ services offerings, joining the executive team. Chad received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard University, with honors and a foreign language citation in Japanese.