Anderson Mesquita

Software developer

I am passionate about Free Software and have extensively contributed to OpenStack and a number of other projects. I enjoy tackling hard problems and improve quality while getting rid of code at the same time. I've had many titles in the past, but I like to keep it simple, so just call me a dev.

In my career developing software, I've been able to work with pretty much all mainstream programming languages and tools out there: Python, Ruby, C, Java, Perl, you name it,... chances are I've worked with it.  I don't think I've ever switched projects to work in the same tech stack as before. Ping me if you have something cool and different going on - I enjoy new challenges!

When I'm not coding at work or at home, there's really no easy way to find me: I can be riding my bike through nature, taking pictures of awesome landscape, enjoying a different beer in a pub near you, dancing a number of rhythms, or snowboarding down a mountain somewhere.

I like pairing a lot and I find it to be the best way to teach and learn at the same time, so you're welcome to pair with me in any of the above activities!


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