Alina Băluşescu

Code Pruner

With a background in Computer Science, I joined ThoughtWorks as a software developer, passionate about technology and making a difference in the world. Looking at my career so far, I've worked in a number of cross-functional teams, doing full-stack development including frontend, backend and even infrastructure changes. The domains expand over different industries from retail, publishing or the public sector, and technologies I used include Ruby, Java, Javascript, Python or C#. I love stretching my comfort zone to learning new languages, platforms.

I love challenges and solving problems and doing this alongside smart, passionate, engaging people is something I really like about ThoughtWorks. I truly believe we can change the world with software and knowing my work has a bigger purpose feels very rewarding!

In my spare time, I enjoy running and volunteering, especially in projects that tackle environmental issues. I love helping other people grow and reach their full potential, so in my spare time I volunteer with CodeFirst:Girls, act as a mentor in the SheSaysManchester program, or just get involved in local initiatives around Manchester. 


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