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Whitepaper: The data mesh shift

Whitepaper: The data mesh shift

Big data was supposed to transform the enterprise. Existing data architectures, however, have shortcomings that prevent them from delivering the promised business value. We are now experiencing a crisis of data confidence as a result. Conventional data architectures normally involve some form of central IT system.


Focusing instead on domains and data products allows us to avoid these types of silos and drive business value. Thoughtworks has developed just such a domain-driven approach rooted in organizational change called the data mesh. It represents a true paradigm shift — and an opportunity to successfully create a data-driven organization and unlock business value from data.

Unlock your business value Unlock your business value

Unlock your business value

In this high-level decision-maker briefing, Thoughtworks describes the data mesh — a new paradigm built on proven software engineering principles. Download our whitepaper to learn how your data can finally achieve its full potential in the enterprise.

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