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Legacy modernization: Change before you have to

Ashok Subramanian

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Change management in the agile world - Willing, able and ready

Dianne Inniss

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The irrefutable future of AI-guided digital businesses

Sudhir Tiwari

1 Jun 2020

Five things all execs should know about technology (and why it matters more than ever)

Gary O'Brien and Mike Mason

21 May 2020

COVID-19: Banks recalibrating for the future

Muralikrishnan Puthanveedu and Sandeep Reddy

13 May 2020

Big Data applied in sales process

Mariane Ferroni

12 May 2020

It is cheaper to fix a mistake before you make it

Sara Michelazzo

5 May 2020

Value from Volatility: How disruption can power the next phase of growth

Dani Huaman

4 May 2020

Transformation programs have stalled but the need to transform has never been greater

Gary O'Brien and Leigh Saffin

28 Apr 2020

Six areas for insurance companies to ramp up to beat a global crisis

Davnit Singh

16 Apr 2020

Data-driven responses to new patterns of customer behaviour

David Colls and Sue Visic

10 Apr 2020

Engineering culture is a key pillar of modern digital businesses

Gunjan Shukla

7 Apr 2020

Habits of a modern digital business

Sasikala Mahesh

6 Apr 2020

Mastering Digital Transformation: A Case Study (Part 2)

Dr. Martin Kramer and Martin Milcke

1 Apr 2020

ThoughtWorks beyond the tech: Embedding a culture of effective remote working

Faye Roth

24 Mar 2020

Overcoming AI Paralysis: 5 proven ways to start deriving business value

Nagarjun Kandukuru

3 Mar 2020

Mastering Digital Transformation: A Case Study (Part 1)

Dr. Martin Kramer and Martin Milcke

13 Feb 2020

Part II - Ambitious governments take on tech challenges by going agile

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

10 Feb 2020

Part I - Why should governments go agile?

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

10 Jan 2020

Objectives and Key Results: Continuously improve on using the OKR method

Anne Weise

13 Dec 2019

A year in review - editors' top content for 2019

Brigitte Britten-Kelly

8 Nov 2019

Opening up risk management: Always on, everybody’s business

Jim Gumbley

9 Oct 2019

Increasing organizations’ performance through continuous listening

Bernd Günter and Nicola Matson