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Lean Enterprise
Lean Enterprise

How high performance organizations innovate at scale

When virtually all industries are being disrupted by technology, business leaders need to know how to build an enterprise-wide culture of innovation based on rapid response and delivery. And Lean Enterprise, a landmark book in the Lean practice landscape, distills everything you need to know to create a successful business — one able to continuously adapt to changing market conditions, increasing customer demands and emerging technologies.

[Podcast] Delivering innovation at scale

Podcast host Rebecca Parsons and Mike Mason | Podcast guest Jez Humble and Barry O'Reilly
September 09, 2021 | 38 min 40 sec

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Brief summary

Lean Enterprise was a landmark book, exploring how large enterprise could learn from start-ups and deliver innovation at scale — how they could respond to changing market conditions, customer needs, and emerging technologies when building software-based products. Thoughtworks Technology Podcast catches up with two of the book’s authors to hear about its genesis, its impact and why there’s not likely to be a second edition.

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In the authors’ own words....

Why did we write this book? <br> All of the authors are experienced working in both enterprises and startups, and we have set out to present a pragmatic and systematic approach to innovation and transformation that works effectively in an enterprise context. We have addressed not just how high-performing organizations develop products, but how companies that are working towards higher performance can adopt these techniques in an incremental, iterative, low-risk way.
Barry O’Reilly
Barry O’Reilly

Business advisor, founder of ExecCamp, and faculty at Singularity University

Barry O’Reilly is a business advisor, entrepreneur, and author who has pioneered the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation.

Barry is author of two international bestsellers, Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results, and Lean Enterprise -part of the Eric Ries series, and a Harvard Business Review must read for CEOs and business leaders. He writes for The Economist, and is faculty at Singularity University.

Jez Humble
Jez Humble

Site reliability engineering at Google Cloud

Jez is the co-author of the Jolt Award winning Continuous Delivery, published in Martin Fowler’s signature series (Addison Wesley, 2010), Lean Enterprise, in Eric Ries’ Lean series (O'Reilly, 2015), the DevOps Handbook (IT Revolution, 2016), and Accelerate (IT Revolution 2018). He spent his career tinkering with code, infrastructure, product development and consulting in companies of varying sizes across three continents, including working for the US Federal Government at 18F. He is a developer advocate at Google Cloud, and teach at UC Berkeley. 

Joanne Molesky
Joanne Molesky

Thoughtworks alumni

Joanne Molesky was a principal consultant at Thoughtworks, where she worked on internal IT Risk and Compliance, and provided consulting services to clients in the area of continuous delivery and process improvement, particularly as it applies to controls, risk, and compliance.

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