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We work with organizations advancing the cause of global health.

We work alongside those who stand in solidarity with the poor and oppressed to eliminate health disparities by developing solutions at the intersection of health and technology.

We are passionate about improving quality and expanding access to care for the underserved. We deliver products, custom solutions, and consulting on digital health architecture and strategy to clients to empower their communities, deliver higher quality care and make informed decisions. 

We are power users of open source technologies, which enable not only reusable and efficient designs, but also easier maintenance of the solution once deployed. 

Your extended team covers that vital last mile to patients in their homes.  Community health workers.  People who do logistics, distribution, and collection.  They all need technology that empowers them to provide effective, patient-centered care.  And they need solutions to gather data to support future interventions.

Many global health organizations have implemented such solutions.  What has worked well?  What hasn't worked?  What's the best mix of hardware, software and connectivity for your people and the communities you serve?

We'll work with your team members in the field to understand their needs.  And we'll help you select, customize, and build on the right products to create a platform that helps them achieve their goals.  We'll also integrate your community-based systems with your existing HMIS.


Delivering rational, high-quality care is what drives your team.  Most technology solutions for facilities are priced and optimized for resource-rich environments unlike yours.  You don't want to reinvent the wheel, but you need a tailored approach.

How can you introduce a new system into a working facility without disrupting care delivery?  What's the best way to train clinicians and administrators in the new system?  - Especially those who aren’t computer-literate?  How can you earn their trust by providing immediate, tangible benefits to them and their patients?

We are implementers and contributors to proven open source projects for global health, such as OpenMRS, OpenLMIS, and MOTECH.  We'll use our expertise to help you create a solution that empowers you to achieve your goals.  Expect reduced wait-times, improved documentation, and better decision-support.


You have the opportunity to reinvent health care delivery in your region.  Coordinating care across a health system is a complex undertaking.  You need a partner who understands your domain, and knows how to implement technology solutions at scale.

How are other health systems approaching technology-enabled transformation of care delivery?  What are the emerging best practices for shared health records?  For data aggregation and reporting?  What about health practitioner enablement?

We'll help you understand how software can support your complex delivery system.  We'll clarify your infrastructure requirements and investigate end-user needs.  And we'll work with partner ecosystems to help you create and support an end-to-end solution.  You'll get the power to drive better resource allocation and strategies to achieve your goals.  


Our clients

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Our clients are in the social and government sectors across the Global South.  They operate at all levels of the health care delivery system.  


We believe that health care is a human right.

Through our global health team, we work to promote equity in health for all people worldwide.  See our About Us page to learn more about our overall mission, three-pillar business model, people and culture.

At our core, we are passionate technologists with processes to champion software excellence.  To help our clients achieve their goals, we also help them with hardware selection, network infrastructure installation, end-user training, process re-engineering, and support and maintenance.

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We are passionate about improving quality and expanding access to care in low-resource settings.

We'd love to help and to work with you.  Please give us a few details and we'll get back to you soon.