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Our community of Data Experts think disruptively to provide pragmatic solutions for our clients' most complex challenges. We are curious minds who come together in collaborative and inclusive teams to push boundaries to make a positive impact in the world by harnessing the power of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


We are looking for change makers, opportunity creators, status-quo shakers. If that’s you, what are you waiting for?

Working with data and technology is very rewarding. I especially love collaborating with my team to solve different problems and overcome challenges. When building solutions for large volumes of data and supporting customer needs, we apply software engineering practices to processes and products, valuing quality and innovation.
Viviana Terceros
Lead Data Engineer, Brazil

Our people

Daidson Alves
Daidson Alves

Senior Data Engineer, Brazil


"I got to know Thoughtworks during my college days, when the company already was seen as a gigantic technical and organizational reference. When going through the selection process to work in the data area, I was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by the people who conducted it, being open and supportive as I embarked on the beginning of my journey with the company. Today, I work alongside amazing, welcoming individuals who not only exchange ideas about new trends in Data & AI but also discuss social transformation, cultivation, responsibility in technology, and career experiences. I feel joy in being able to contribute and learn a lot every day."

Pietra Freitas

Lead Data Scientist, Brazil


"I was still in college when I joined Thoughtworks in 2018 as a Junior Consultant Developer. Thoughtworks was a dream for me. Thoughtworks University (our internal graduate program) opened doors to show me the potential of doing things I didn't know I was capable of. After this amazing period, I also had the opportunity to go to Thoughtworks Data University in India, meet incredible people from all over the world and gain precious knowledge about data engineering. 


I changed my role to Data Engineer and started to work with an international client improving a data flow that consumed millions of events a day. However, I knew my passion was data science. I wanted to work with data since I took AI classes in 2016. In 2022, I started an MBA in Data Science at University of São Paulo, sponsored by Thoughtworks. And in 2023 I earned my MBA degree and had opportunities to officially work as a Data Scientist."

Francisco Nascimento
Francisco Nascimento

Lead Data Scientist, LATAM


"Throughout my academic life, I always had the desire to pursue a career that would stimulate my curiosity and present intellectual challenges. Today, as a Data Scientist within the company, I realize that it is possible to achieve these goals through the use of data to build intelligent solutions that solve our clients' business problems. It's gratifying to make an impact through the thoughtful and intelligent application of data, and doing so supported by a culture that fosters personal development and a community that cultivates technical excellence makes everything even more stimulating."

What is it like to work in Data and AI at Thoughtworks?

Carol Assis e Sérgio Santos

What advice do you have for someone exploring Data and AI at Thoughtworks?

Carol Assis e Sérgio Santos

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