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Our community of data experts and technologists thinks disruptively to deliver pragmatic solutions to our clients' most complex challenges. We are curious minds that come together in collaborative and inclusive teams to push boundaries and have a positive impact on the world by leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI).


We are looking for change agents, opportunity creators, and status quo shakers. If that's you, what are you waiting for to join Thoughtworks?

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Make an impact with data archetypes

Data Engineers
  • Responsible for delivering scalable and robust solutions.
  • Specialized in pipeline creation, platforms, organization, governance, and data quality. 
  • Experience in cloud, on-premises, and migration technologies
Data Architects
  • Responsible for designing reference architectures.
  • Cover key aspects of data management, governance, domains, modeling, integration, security, and compliance.
  • Conduct discovery, roadmap, feasibility study, and provide recommendations for data-related frameworks and tools.
Data Scientists
  • Responsible for identifying business opportunities through applied data usage. 
  • Play a strategic role from technical and business perspectives. 
  • Propose the use of advanced machine learning techniques and success metrics to evaluate future outcomes.
Machine Learning Engineers
  • Responsible for providing technical components to enable principles like CD4ML. 
  • Include experiment versioning tools, data repositories, and integration layers with production environments.
  • Collaborate closely with data scientists, evaluating scalability and performance of proposed models.
Data Analysts
  • Responsible for conducting complex analysis and proposing business indicators. 
  • Generate analytical solutions to support clients in generating business value. 
  • Experience in transforming data into insights, creating dashboards to demonstrate results, and supporting decision-making.

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People you might work with

Raquel Vargas

Senior Data Scientist, Ecuador


Since my childhood, computers and mathematics have captured my interest. Over time, I discovered the possibility of merging my passion for computing and mathematics by immersing myself in the field of Data Science.


Currently, I serve as a Data Scientist in the Ecuador office, where I support our clients in solving strategic business questions through the implementation of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical techniques.


This role allows me not only to expand my own knowledge but also to enrich the understanding of a wide range of individuals about the latest innovations in technology, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.


Francisco Nascimento

Lead Data Scientist, Brazil


Throughout my academic life, I have always had the desire to pursue a career that would ignite my curiosity and present me with intellectual challenges.


Today, as a Lead Data Scientist at Thoughtworks, I realize that it is possible to achieve these goals by using data to build intelligent solutions that solve our clients' business problems.


It is rewarding to make an impact through the intelligent management and application of data, and achieving this supported by a culture that promotes personal development and a community that cultivates technical excellence makes everything more stimulating.

Pietra Thamy Sofia da Fonseca Freitas

Lead Data Scientist, Brazil


I was still in college when I joined Thoughtworks in 2018 as a junior consultant developer. Thoughtworks was a dream for me. Thoughtworks University (our internal graduate program) opened doors to show me the potential of doing things I didn't know I was capable of. After this amazing period, I also had the opportunity to go to Thoughtworks Data University in India, meet incredible people from all over the world and gain precious knowledge about data engineering. 


I changed my role to data engineer and started to work with an international client improving a data flow that consumed millions of events a day. However, I knew my passion was data science. I wanted to work with data since I took AI classes in 2016. In 2022, I started an MBA in data science at University of São Paulo, sponsored by Thoughtworks. And in 2023 I earned my MBA degree and had opportunities to officially work as a data scientist.

Sebastián Santiago

Lead Data Scientist, Chile


My passion for technology goes beyond mere curiosity: it is the driving force behind my desire to see how it can change and improve lives. I have always been fascinated by the transformative potential of technology, and it is this passion that led me to join Thoughtworks, a company whose culture, quality of professionals, and significant impact on the technological world I have long admired.


In my journey in the field of data science, I have had a revelation, opening my eyes to the immense power that data have to transform businesses and the world. Data not only tell stories; they have the power to rewrite the future, generating a profound and lasting impact. At Thoughtworks, I have found not only a work culture that deeply resonates with my values but also a group of colleagues of immense caliber, whose guidance and support are invaluable in my mission to empower this vision.


Being part of Thoughtworks means that we position ourselves at the forefront of technological innovation; every project becomes an occasion to learn, evolve, and contribute to a cause greater than our own existence. Here, we not only visualize the future but actively build it. For me, this transcends the work environment: it constitutes a true vocation.


Working with data and technology is very rewarding. I especially love collaborating with my team to solve different problems and overcome challenges. When building solutions for large volumes of data and supporting customer needs, we apply software engineering practices to processes and products, valuing quality and innovation.
Viviana Terceros
Lead Data Engineer, Thoughtworks Brazil

How we help our clients

Data strategy & governance

We help our clients to get greater value from data by creating a clear roadmap that ensures trustworthiness, security and compliance, while making it effortlessly accessible and user-friendly. This way they can take control of their data landscape and empower data consumers through clear governance policies and alignment with business objectives.

Data platform modernization & Data Mesh

We support our clients to put their data into action by enabling business teams to create and consume reliable self-service data products that scale easily and support diverse analytics.


With our help they apply world-class data architecture models such as Data Mesh to bring a product mindset, modern software engineering methods, and people-centric changes to accelerate data delivery.

AI & Analytics

Our data experts consult our clients in elevating their potential for extraordinary results by automating routine work and augmenting your team’s unique capabilities with people-centric, ethical artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics.

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