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Our community of data experts and technologists think disruptively to provide pragmatic solutions for our clients' most complex challenges. We are curious minds who come together in collaborative and inclusive teams to push boundaries to make a positive impact in the world by harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI). 


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Making an impact across data careers

Data Analysts

are responsible for conducting complex analysis, proposing business indicators and generating analytic solutions to support clients in generating business value.

Data Engineers

are responsible for designing reference architectures, covering key aspects of data management, governance, domains, modeling, integration, security, compliance and more.

Data Architects

are responsible for designing reference architectures, covering key aspects of data management, governance, domains, modeling, integration, security, compliance and more.

Data Scientists

are responsible for identifying business opportunities and how to respond to them through the applied use of data and thus maximizing client results.

Machine Learning Engineers

are responsible for providing the technical components capable of enabling CD4ML principles such as experiment versioning tools, data repositories, automation mats and integration layers with production environments.

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Learn. more about life at Thoughtworks as a data professional from Jepson Jiaping Du, Business Analyst, Jessie Wang, Data Scientist and Lindsay Lihua Liu, Project Manager. From choosing Thoughtworks to what it’s like to work here as a data professional to details of their project work and advice to those thinking of bringing their data skills to Thoughtworks – this is great insight into being a data professional at Thoughtworks.

Why did you choose Thoughtworks to grow your Data and AI career?
What is it like to work in Data and AI at Thoughtworks?
What kind of Data and AI projects are you working on at Thoughtworks?
What advice do you have for someone exploring Data and AI at Thoughtworks?
Jun Wei Ng
Jun Wei Ng

Lead data engineer, Singapore


I first learned about Thoughtworks through a friend. He joined the company as a Graduate Consultant and attended  Thoughtworks University at Pune.


As I looked for more information about Thoughtworks, all the articles I came across put Thoughtworks at the forefront of industry best practices and a strong proponent of Agile. I decided to join Thoughtworks - to learn about practicing Agile the right way, and to brush up on industry best practices.


If you are a graduate or junior technologist, joining Thoughtworks will quickly ramp up your ability to a level equivalent to someone senior in the industry. Many of the people that I have worked with are skilled beyond their years of experience. If you are a senior already, it is not too late to learn, or unlearn, skills that would be highly valuable in your career.

Jessie Wang
Jessie Wang

Senior data scientist, Australia


If I had to pick one thing that stands out in my journey with Thoughtworks, it would be the incredible diversity of projects and the exposure to various industries and regions. So far, I've had the opportunity to work on over 10 different projects. These have ranged from data engineering tasks to developing complex computer vision models, analytics, root cause analysis, and even delving into areas that are advanced and close to my domain like linear optimization, operations research, and reinforcement learning models.


What makes this experience even more enriching is the variety of domains I've been able to explore — from the food industry and airlines to finance and manufacturing. And it's not just the sectors that are diverse; I've worked with clients across the globe, including Australia, Singapore, the EU and the U.S.

Nikhil Baranwal

Lead data engineer, Singapore


I spend most of my career building technology solutions for finance. I am passionate about technology and Thoughtworks strives for software excellence is something that intrigues me.


Besides working with smart and nice people and many learning opportunities, I also really like Thoughtworks' emphasis on sustainability and giving back to the community.


Thoughtworks has a great work culture where one can explore outside of their comfort zone without fear of making mistakes. There are endless opportunities and continuous learning is encouraged.


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