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Spotlight: Green cloud 

Addressing the environmental impact of the cloud is a key concern for businesses. Doing so is not just important from a sustainability perspective, it can also ensure that the money spent on cloud is delivering maximum value — when costs and efficiency are priorities for organizations, embracing green cloud simply makes sense.


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James Lewis, Thoughtworks

James Lewis

Software Architect and Director

In 2024 it will be ten years since the paper I co-wrote alongside our Chief Scientist, Martin Fowler, first introduced microservices to a wider audience. We'd been actively involved in the (r)evolution of software at scale at many of our clients, and, along with other like minded friends at organisations like Netflix and The Guardian, led the paradigm shift that was occurring.


The movement away from multi-million line monolithic applications towards smaller connected systems proved a seismic one; this new architectural style became the de facto standard way of solving problems at scale.


The content I've chosen to highlight below reflects both the evolution of my interests over the intervening years and the impact it's had for our clients and at board level. From the excellent blog post explaining why this shift was a Big Deal to a CxO audience, the podcast I recorded with our now Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Mike Mason on microservices and complexity, through to a client story about BMW using microservices to deliver their new Connected AI Platform.


I'm extremely proud of my contribution to the industry all those years ago and the impact that it's had.

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