Thoughtworks Help Innit Bring the Future of Food to Life

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Innit is a food technology company on a mission to empower humanity through food and make the world a better, healthier place. Their connected food platform links food, nutrition information, appliances, grocers, QSRs, and even lifestyle brands to reimagine the way we buy, store, prepare and cook food.

We asked Josh Sigel, COO of Innit, to join us at the Inside Retail Live conference, to share how Thoughtworks Retail helped Innit tackle some of their customer’s biggest culinary problems, including bringing the connected kitchen to life at PIRCH store in New York, in just 5 months.

Josh outlined the necessity of working within a platform ecosystem, bringing the store into the home, and vice-versa, allowing brands to position themselves closer to where buying decisions are made, and to create a seamless customer experience.

Innit understands that IoT and connectivity create the perfect opportunity to add value to their customers, and worked closely with Thoughtworks to put together a data framework that creates harmony between smart devices and the user. In addition, Thoughtworks built two mobile apps; an intelligent recipe solution (based on health/ dietary requirements and what’s available in the fridge/pantry), as well as an app that dynamically controls the cooking sequence based on food type and weight.

Josh challenged the audience to ‘make the impossible possible’, framing the idea of disruption with the question ‘How can I?’ He also explored the concept of Coopetition, proposing that a good strategy considers both where to lead in the market, and where to let your competitors shine for the greater good of the customer.

We expect to see Innit reaching Australia by 2018, where we will continue to work as their technology partner, scaling their platform, and bringing food manufacturers, grocers and other members of the connected food eco-system on board. 

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Download the Keynote

Click here to access Josh Sigel's deck from Inside Retail Live Conference.

Joshua Sigel

Joshua Sigel

Technology Leader

A recognised strategic and transformational technology leader, and entrepreneur through his hands-on executive leadership innovative approach to business process enablement, and his focus and passion for enhancing customer experience through technology. 

Over the past 12 years Josh has held senior technology leadership positions within the retail and consumer products distribution industries.  Prior to starting his own consulting firm, Josh was the CIO of Natural Markets Food Group, an operator of retail food and food service stores throughout North America where Josh led the development of one of the most advanced mobile payment, loyalty, in-store kiosk, and online ordering systems in retail food and food service. 

Joshua Sigel 在零售和快消品行业拥有12年的资深技术领导经验。在担任北美最大的有机食品超市连锁之一:Natural Markets Food Group的CIO期间,Josh主导了40个不同地区零售门店的转型,推动了在移动支付、顾客忠诚度以及在线下单系统等多层面的技术革新。

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