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Cross-platform mobile toolkits

Last updated : Mar 16, 2012
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Mar 2012
暂缓 ? 谨慎行事
With very few exceptions, tools that claimed to create seamless user experiences across Windows, Linux and OSX did not deliver. We ended up with compromised experiences on one or more of the operating systems. Mobile adds complexity to this problem with different hardware form factors and conventions for user interactions. We have made several attempts to use cross platform mobile toolkits on our projects with varying degrees of success. We saw issues like having to create a project for each platform or invoking specific native UI widgets to get things working. For these reasons we have put cross platform mobile toolkits in hold. While this may change in the future, we remain skeptical especially given past experiences on hardware that was far more homogeneous.
Jul 2011
暂缓 ? 谨慎行事
已发布 : Jul 30, 2011


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