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.NET Extensibility and Mingle

Blog Entry posted January 9, 2012 by Mark Richter, last edited January 12, 2012

Over the past year Thoughtworks has introduced several technologies and extensions that allow Mingle to more seamlessly integration into the Microsoft Office and development ecosystem. We have started three open-source projects supporting this effort:

Mingle.NET – A library wrapping Mingle’s REST API that is easily consumed by clients written in C#, Visual Basic or C++.

Visual Studio Extension – An extension for Visual Studio 2010 that delivers Mingle interoperability inside the Visual Studio IDE working environment for software developers. In its current form the Visual Studio extension supports Mingle. Soon it will also integrate GO with build management and control for continuous integration and delivery. You can watch a five-minute demonstration video here. Mingle Extension is available for download from the Visual Studio Extension Gallery.

Excel Add-In – An add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010 that compliments Mingle’s export feature providing general-purpose data extraction from Mingle into Excel from Excel. Another add-in is planned for Outlook. All this is crafted using the architecture shown below (see diagram).

Mingle can run anywhere on your network or on the Internet. Mingle.NET is an open source library written in C# that provides convenient programmatic APIs for client application software. We’re doing clients ourselves for Visual Studio and Microsoft Office. Your application could be a desktop program or a web app.

My Visual Studio desktop is Southern California using a Mingle system in the San Francisco Bay Area working with team mates in the United Kingdom. The interoperability and productivity are amazing.



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