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Spotlight: Legacy modernization 

Modernization is now a business imperative. It is about more than just meeting the needs of the market today, it is about building the capabilities and mindset required to continually adapt.


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Rachel Laycock, Thoughtworks

Rachel Laycock


Becoming the CTO of Thoughtworks is an incredibly proud moment of my career. It’s also an incredibly exciting time to take on the role — although the technology industry has had a difficult year, the challenges that many organizations have been facing in a post-pandemic world have not disappeared. And with new opportunities in areas like AI and virtual reality, we are entering a period of innovation and experimentation. Leading a consultancy like Thoughtworks, which has a history of leading the industry when it comes to new technologies, is a real privilege.


Leadership is undoubtedly important in tech — but it’s something I don’t think we talk about enough in the industry. That’s why I was really grateful to hear it discussed on a recent episode of the Technology Podcast. Our colleagues Caval and Arturo from Thoughtworks Brazil compiled a list of various styles of tech leadership — it’s an interesting look at the different ways you can be a leader and highlights that there’s no ‘right way’ to lead. 


One of the things that I particularly love about Thoughtworks is our willingness to lead on key issues like sustainability. This is because it’s something Thoughtworkers are passionate about. A recent piece by Erik Dörnenburg and Seema Satish on cloud native sustainability does a very effective job of demonstrating why deep technical knowledge is vital in combating the environmental impact of our software systems. 


Finally, I also want to highlight a piece by Birgitta Böckeler and Ryan Murray from September 2023. They make the point that generative AI is going to have an impact on software delivery beyond just code assistance and autocomplete — it can also help us think through architectural problems, improve our testing processes and even ease the burden of creating documentation. 

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