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What is Prototype.lab()?

It is an internal program of the Thoughtworks Ecuador office, created in 2019 to help Ecuadorian entrepreneurs to strengthen and promote the prototype of their product or idea. Through an open call among the participants, the winning venture is chosen. The program is implemented annually, aligning it with the focus of Thoughtworks Ecuador's technology strategy.
people chatting in a room
people chatting in a room

Our goal

We want to make an extraordinary impact in Ecuador, supporting local entrepreneurs who need support in the technology of their product or service through consulting.


To work with entrepreneurs who have a validated product or service that requires an innovative technological solution.




Experiment with innovative technologies and methodologies that are in the technology strategy, achieving motivation for technology, allowing ideas and products to make a positive impact on the Ecuadorian community.

Why do we do it?

We want Thoughtworkers to be motivated by technology, through the development of new skills that allow us to be ready for future opportunities, at the same time, we want to generate a positive impact on local projects and ventures that benefit the Ecuadorian community.

What's in it for the finalist project?

  • Having a technological ally such as Thoughtworks Ecuador and the support of expert professionals who will provide assistance in: 

    • Knowing agile work methodologies. 
    • Defining the minimum requirements of the prototype.
    • Identify the technological options that can optimize the performance of the product or service.

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