TDD Zen: Let's Test Drive Like We Mean It

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Test Driven Development — TDD — is still controversial despite being gray-haired in software terms. Objections to TDD include: “no one actually does it in real life”, “if you already know how to solve the problem, you don’t have to write tests first”, and “you can write tests after writing code, too; there’s no difference”.

In this hands-on session, Saleem demonstrates how writing tests first is fundamental to good design, especially when you are sure you know how to solve the problem. I’ll use examples that are real enough to illustrate that test-driving your code ensure your code is better designed and fit for purpose.

Saleem Siddiqui

Saleem Siddiqui

Developer, facilitator, coach

I am a software developer and agile coach. For the better part of 2 decades I've worked on delivering software for a several customers, large and small. I've travelled a fair bit over the world in pursuit of this passion. As much as I love to create and talk about software with clients, my most serene moments are when I'm cooking, playing and coding with my family in suburban Chicago.

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