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Equipment Street | Thoughtworks
Equipment Street

The digital marketplace changing the way businesses buy and sell commercial equipment

Equipment Street’s vision was to create a digital space where buyers are empowered and sellers can freely compete and win based on the merit of their solution.

Many existing business directories only recommend sellers that pay to get mentioned - creating an unfair and unbalanced marketplace. Equipment Street wanted to eliminate the barriers that buyers and sellers face in today’s highly complex marketplace for commercial equipment. With over 20,000 sellers offering thousands of products, Equipment Street is solely focused on streamlining the procurement process.

The website built for Equipment Street allows buyers to create a profile and post a project that specifies the exact type of equipment needed – from desk chairs to copiers and software to telephones. Posted projects are made available to numerous suppliers, each competing to earn the business.

Equipment Street provides buyers with the ability to purchase equipment with a cash option or offers a financing solution if required. The process and online space provide a convenient and productive shopping experience, much different than what you would have shopping at a single retailer.

Months can be spent writing detailed requirements and building what you think customers want. Thoughtworks created a minimum viable product approach and got it into the hands of the users. The rapid feedback and collaborative approach resulted in our new digital marketplace going live in only 8 weeks.
Ken Sanders
Chief Marketing Officer, Equipment Street

Equipment Street identified a gap in the market and needed a partner experienced at moving quickly. The raw concept was given to Thoughtworks, and in tandem with business stakeholders, it was translated into usable software. The development team went beyond delivering great code by providing business counsel along the way. As a result, Equipment Street’s online space has buyers and sellers connecting more conveniently and efficiently than ever.

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