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technology radar edition17

Thoughtworks’ Bi-Annual Technology Radar Identifies Blockchain Gaining in the Enterprise

Leading Technologists Issue Trends Report Alongside Visualization Tool for Companies to Develop Their Own Tech Strategies

The technology underpinning the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is increasingly being adopted in the enterprise, with companies finding ways to leverage blockchain solutions for distributed ledgers and smart contracts. This trend has been highlighted in the 17th edition of Technology Radar from global software consultancy, Thoughtworks. The bi-annual report provides an assessment of the emerging trends shaping the future of software development and business strategy.


“With the promise of benefits such as cost reduction, increased transparency, and accountability, organizations are moving beyond proof-of-concept and leveraging blockchain-based solutions,“ said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, Chief Technology Officer of Thoughtworks. “As with any nascent but fast-moving technology there are risks that need to be assessed and blockchain, although maturing, is no different.”


“Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum are being used in ever more interesting ways, as the basis for decentralized applications beyond fintech and cryptocurrency,” said Mike Mason, Head of Technology, Office of the CTO at Thoughtworks. “The technology has the ability to create a tamper-proof record of facts across a multitude of data points throughout the supply chain. Whether it’s combatting pharmaceutical counterfeiting or tracking our food from farm to fork, blockchain is gaining in the digital ecosystem and worth following.”


The Technology Radar, based on Thoughtworks’ observations, conversations and frontline experiences solving its clients’ toughest business challenges, includes both existing and nascent technologies. The report uses a visual approach to pide trends into four groups covering Techniques, Platforms, Tools and Languages & Frameworks, with each area further broken down into a recommendation to Hold, Assess, Trial or Adopt.


In addition to blockchain-based solutions gaining traction, the notable themes in this edition include open source on the rise in China, organizations embracing a polycloud strategy and Kubernetes fast emerging as the de facto choice for managing the deployment of containerized applications.


Visit Thoughtworks.com/radar to explore the report and interactive version of the Radar. And if your organization is interested in mapping your technology portfolio and objectively assessing what’s working and isn’t, we encourage you to use this open-source visualization tool and build your own Technology Radar.