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Last updated : May 19, 2020
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May 2020
试验 ? 值得一试。了解为何要构建这一能力是很重要的。企业应当在风险可控的前提下在项目中尝试应用此项技术。

Jaeger 是一个开源的分布式追踪系统。类似于 Zipkin,它的灵感来自于谷歌的 Dapper 论文,并且遵循 OpenTelemetry 规范。我们在 Kubernetes 上成功的将 IstioEnvoy 与 Jaeger 集成,并且很喜欢 Jaeger 的 UI。Jaeger 暴露了 Prometheus 格式的追踪指标,以便其他工具使用它。然而,新一代的工具,如Honeycomb,将追踪和度量集成到单个可观测性流中以支持更简单的聚合分析。Jaeger 在2017年加入了CNCF,并且最近被提升到 CNCF 的最高成熟度级别,这表明它已被广泛部署到生产系统中。

Nov 2018
评估 ? 在了解它将对你的企业产生什么影响的前提下值得探索

Jaeger is an open source distributed tracing system. Similar to Zipkin, it's been inspired by the Google Dapper paper and complies with OpenTracing. Jaeger is a younger open source project than Zipkin, but it's gained popularity quickly due to a larger number of supported languages for the client libraries and easy installation on Kubernetes. We've used Jaeger successfully with Istio, integrating application traces with Envoy on Kubernetes, and like its UI. With Jaeger joining CNCF, we anticipate a larger community engagement effort and deeper integration with other CNCF projects.

已发布 : Nov 14, 2018


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