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Segregated DOM plus node for JS Testing

Last updated : Jul 08, 2014
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Jul 2014
采纳 ? 我们强烈建议业界采用这些技术,我们将会在任何合适的项目中使用它们。
As client-side JavaScript applications grow in sophistication, we see an increased need for engineering sophistication to match. A common architectural flaw is unfettered access to the DOM from across the codebase - mixing DOM manipulation with application logic and AJAX calls. This makes the code difficult to understand and extend. Thinking about separation of concerns is a useful antidote, aggressively restricting all DOM access (usually jQuery usage) to a thin 'segregation layer'. One pleasant side-effect of this approach is that everything outside of the segregated DOM layer can be tested rapidly in isolation from the browser using a lean JavaScript engine such as node.js.
Jan 2014
采纳 ? 我们强烈建议业界采用这些技术,我们将会在任何合适的项目中使用它们。
已发布 : Jan 28, 2014


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