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Mobile testing on mobile networks

更新于 : Jan 28, 2014
这一条目不在当前版本的技术雷达中。如果它出现在最近几期中,那么它很有可能仍然具有相关参考价值。如果这一条目出现在更早的雷达中,那么它很有可能已经不再具有相关性,我们的评估将不再适用于当下。很遗憾我们没有足够的带宽来持续评估以往的雷达内容。 了解更多
Jan 2014
Adopt ? 我们强烈建议业界采用这些技术,我们将会在任何合适的项目中使用它们。
We increasingly see mobile applications that work really well during development and testing, but run into trouble when they are deployed in the real world. Mobile testing on mobile networks reveals how your app performs under a variety of conditions. You might test using 3G or LTE or deliberately use a poor WiFi network with overloaded access points. Measure network performance for your target environment, then simulate the conditions using latency and packet-loss inducing tools. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to examine exactly how your device and software are using the network with a tool such as Wireshark.
May 2013
Adopt ? 我们强烈建议业界采用这些技术,我们将会在任何合适的项目中使用它们。
发布于 : May 22, 2013

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