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更新于 : May 05, 2015
这一条目不在当前版本的技术雷达中。如果它出现在最近几期中,那么它很有可能仍然具有相关参考价值。如果这一条目出现在更早的雷达中,那么它很有可能已经不再具有相关性,我们的评估将不再适用于当下。很遗憾我们没有足够的带宽来持续评估以往的雷达内容。 了解更多
May 2015
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Securing online accounts is at the same time extremely important and notoriously difficult. Two-factor authentication does greatly increase security and we have recommended TOTP as a good solution. A new entrant in this field is Universal 2nd Factor ( U2F ), a solution based on public key cryptography and inexpensive USB hardware tokens. While developed at Google, it has now become a standard managed by the FIDO Alliance. We do like the promise of better protection against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, but are concerned because the standard currently references a specific elliptic curve digital signature algorithm that is considered to be flawed.

Jan 2015
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发布于 : Jan 28, 2015

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