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更新于 : Jan 28, 2014
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Jan 2014
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For problems that fit the document database model, MongoDB is now the most popular choice. In addition to ease of use and a solid technical implementation, the community and ecosystem contributed to this success. We are aware of problems where teams were tempted by the popularity of MongoDB when a document database was not a good fit or they did not understand the inherent complexity. When used appropriately, however, MongoDB has proven itself on many projects.
May 2013
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Oct 2012
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For problems that fit the document databases model, MongoDB provides easy programmability, a query interface, high availability with automated failover, and automated sharding capabilities. It allows for a smooth transition to NoSQL data stores from the RDBMS model, with the inclusion of familiar concepts, such as the ability to define indexes.
Aug 2010
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Document-oriented databases treat each record as a document with the ability to add any number of fields of arbitrary size. A relatively large amount of the attention that has been directed at document databases has landed on mongoDB, a highly scalable option with support for querying, indexing, replication and sharding. Beyond its enterprise feature set, its popularity is aided by its driver support for Java, Ruby, PHP, C#, Python and a number of other languages.
Apr 2010
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发布于 : Apr 29, 2010

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