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更新于 : Apr 05, 2016
这一条目不在当前版本的技术雷达中。如果它出现在最近几期中,那么它很有可能仍然具有相关参考价值。如果这一条目出现在更早的雷达中,那么它很有可能已经不再具有相关性,我们的评估将不再适用于当下。很遗憾我们没有足够的带宽来持续评估以往的雷达内容。 了解更多
Apr 2016
Trial ? 值得一试。了解为何要构建这一能力是很重要的。企业应当在风险可控的前提下在项目中尝试应用此项技术。

We have a number of reservations about the use of HTML5 WebSockets. By allowing the server to initiate actions on the browser, WebSockets departs from the connectionless, request/response model that underpins the World Wide Web today. Security is another big risk with WebSockets. For example, the standard does not impose any cross-origin request policy. However, we do recognize that in certain monitoring or alerting applications, WebSockets can be very useful. If you need to build a .NET WebSockets server, SignalR conveniently implements much of the additional code you need for a robust production application. This includes some recommended security practices such as validating connection tokens and activating SSL when encryption is needed. Although ThoughtWorks teams have been very happy with SignalR, there are still fundamental issues with WebSockets that you should consider before diving in.

Nov 2015
Trial ? 值得一试。了解为何要构建这一能力是很重要的。企业应当在风险可控的前提下在项目中尝试应用此项技术。
发布于 : Nov 10, 2015

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