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发布于 : Nov 14, 2018
这一条目不在当前版本的技术雷达中。如果它出现在最近几期中,那么它很有可能仍然具有相关参考价值。如果这一条目出现在更早的雷达中,那么它很有可能已经不再具有相关性,我们的评估将不再适用于当下。很遗憾我们没有足够的带宽来持续评估以往的雷达内容。 了解更多
Nov 2018
Assess ? 在了解它将对你的企业产生什么影响的前提下值得探索

PredictionIO is an open source machine-learning server. Developers and data scientists can use it to build intelligent applications for prediction. Like all intelligent applications, PredictionIO has three parts: data collection and storage, model training, and model deployment and expose service. Developers could focus on implementing data-processing logic, model algorithm and prediction logic based on the corresponding interfaces and liberate themselves from data storage and model training deployment. In our experience, PredictionIO can support both small and large volumes of data with low concurrency. We mostly use PredictionIO to build predictive services for small and medium-sized enterprises or as a proof of concept when building more complex, customized prediction engines.

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