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AutoScout24 is the largest online car marketplace Europe-wide for new and used cars. With more than 2.4 million listings across Europe, AutoScout24 has access to large amounts of data about historic and current market prices and wants to use this data to empower its users to make informed decisions about selling and buying cars. We created a live price estimation service for used vehicles based on a Random Forest prediction model that is continuously delivered to the end user.

Arif Wider presented with Christian Deger, Chief Architect at AutoScout24.

Arif Wider

Arif Wider

Senior Consultant and Developer

I am a senior consultant and developer at ThoughtWorks Germany.
I enjoy building microservices, teaching Scala, and consulting on Big Data topics. 

Before joining ThoughtWorks I have been in research with a focus on data synchronisation, bidirectional transformations, and domain-specific languages.

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