15 Apr 2019

Gestão de Projetos Agil

Every agile BA's go-to list of 101 project-tracking questions

Kalaiarasi Srinivasaramanan

8 Apr 2019


Five steps towards becoming a revolutionary enterprise

Kevin Telford

3 Apr 2019

Serviços Financeiros

A Banking Revolution or a Revolutionary Bank?

Kevin Telford

1 Apr 2019


Workplace self-service revolution is centered on customer experience

Sathyan Sethumadhavan

21 Mar 2019


Mitigating serverless lock-in fears

Wisen Tanasa

18 Mar 2019


Dial D for Diversity: LGBTQ+ inclusion in corporate India

Anirban Ghosh

18 Mar 2019

Serviços Financeiros

Revolutionary enterprises need trust beyond a mantra

Kevin Telford

10 Mar 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

An ML showdown in search of the best tool

Aiko Klostermann

7 Mar 2019

Dicas de Carreira

Growth modeling for developers

Shlok Amin

26 Feb 2019


Getting back into IT as a mum

Babitha Rakesh

21 Feb 2019

Dicas de Carreira

My journey to becoming a senior consultant

Emily Namugaanyi

15 Feb 2019


The path to DevOps

Erik Dörnenburg

12 Feb 2019

Ciência e Engenharia de Dados

The curse of the data lake monster

Kiran Prakash and Lucy Chambers

7 Feb 2019

Dicas de Carreira

Beyond quotas: behaviour driven diversity at ThoughtWorks

Emma Mani and JoJo Swords

4 Feb 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The irrefutable future of AI-guided digital businesses

Sudhir Tiwari

30 Jan 2019


Using the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar to track governance

Neal Ford

23 Jan 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Augmenting software development with artificial intelligence

Sharath Satish

20 Jan 2019


Working for a Stonewall Top 100 Employer

Dee Wauchope

11 Jan 2019

Arquitetura Evolutiva

Fitness function-driven development

Paula Paul and Rosemary Wang

8 Jan 2019

Dicas de Carreira

How improv comedy made me a better technologist

Doug Neale

2 Jan 2019


Applying the Prime Directive beyond the retrospective

Anne Weise

31 Dec 2018

Dicas de Carreira

[Episode 4] A day in the life of a ThoughtWorks' Graduate Developer: Safira Nugroho

Safira Nugroho

26 Dec 2018


Leading a living, breathing and agile enterprise

Sunil Mundra