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Download the Design as a team guidebook

Less isolation + More co-creation

Download the Design as a team guidebook
Cross-functional collaboration accelerates delivery of better outcomes for users. However, it’s not always obvious what exactly that might look like. What practices are necessary to the team’s success? What values should the team embody?


Building great human-centered products starts with building empathy with our users, and each other, and adapting quickly to what we discover about their needs.  In our practical guide, Design as a Team, we’ll provide specific examples of what cross-functional collaboration can look like, while sharing some of the values and principles that motivate, and ultimately deliver brilliant customer experiences.


Download the guide to answer these and many more questions:

Team at work

How might you quickly demonstrate the value of cross-functional collaboration and bring the team along on the journey?


What do you ultimately hope to achieve? How do you break down your goals into manageable, attainable milestones?

Team at work

How do you get a new practice up and running quickly and effectively?

Try using the three lenses of Innovation; valuableness, feasibility and viability.

Team at work

Where are you on the maturity curve? And how does aligning on team values and sociotechnical needs make a difference to achieving desired outcomes?

Practical ways for effectively achieving goals. Delivery whether you’re forming, storming, norming or performing.*


*based on Tuckman’s stages of group development.

Download the design as a team guidebook

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