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Thoughtworks Benefits Header Image
Thoughtworks Benefits Header Image

Looking after our people

The benefits of being a Thoughtworker


At Thoughtworks Thailand, you will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment and be part of a vibrant community of diverse and passionate technologists.


We offer thoughtful well-rounded benefits to support your personal and professional development goals, as well as your health and wellbeing needs.

Be a lifelong learner Be a lifelong learner

Be a lifelong learner

We're a company that's big on growth. To support your continued learning, you’ll be paired with a dedicated mentor. We have programs in place that will help you chart your own career path and resources to aid you on your journey to become who you want to be. You'll also receive 2 days training leave and a Personal Development Budget that you can spend on training programs, conferences, books, publications and technology to help you keep up to date with the latest tech trends and industry knowledge.
Lead a healthy lifestyle Lead a healthy lifestyle

Lead a healthy lifestyle

We care for the health of our Thoughtworkers. Our health insurance program covers hospitalizations, GP and dental care. In addition, we have an annual health check up for all employees. Mental health is important too, so to help you get through difficult times, we offer a free confidential Employee Assistance Program. Both our insurance program and Employee Assistance Program extend to cover Thoughtworkers’ spouses and children as well.
Supporting inclusivity and diversity Supporting inclusivity and diversity

Supporting inclusivity and diversity

Diversity and inclusion have the power to create transformative social change. Diversity in thought is what makes us better technologists, and that's not just talk. We strive to make Thoughtworks equitable, reflective and inclusive of the society we live in. A home to all: regardless of age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, background or identity.
Awesome perks Awesome perks

Awesome perks

We provide a monthly allowance that covers both internet, mobile and/or tablet data plan. How you split it is completely up to you. You'll also get a once-off benefit that covers the purchase of a laptop bag, headphones, and other accessories.
Fun social activities Fun social activities

Fun social activities

In addition to the above benefits, we also offer fun social activities ranging from social groups built around running, exploring nature to catered Friday lunch, annual outing to monthly town halls and much more!

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