Committed to open source

ThoughtWorks contributes to and uses open source software wherever possible

Software Excellence

We are a bit fanatical when it comes to delivering software. We are serious about our craft and always pushing to improve the way we do things. And we like to push the industry as a whole to improve. We call this our Software Excellence pillar.

Open source is foundational to software excellence and allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation. Using open source gives us solutions superior to proprietary in cost, freedom, privacy, security, quality and community. Building open source allows us to pay it forward, share new ways of working, and learn from the wider community.

What We Are Building

Our technologists bring successful, field-tested techniques and ideas from around the globe to open source solutions. Here are some highlights of our work across many domains including software development, testing, privacy, security, and global health.

​Bahmni, an easy to use EMR & hospital management system, combines and enhances multiple open source products into a single solution. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of hospitals in low resource settings.

Simplify Continuous Delivery. Easily model and visualize complex workflows with GoCD, an open source continuous delivery server.

Gauge is an open source acceptance test automation framework. Write tests in your own business language with Gauge markdown. Automate with most any programming language. Work in your IDE of choice.

Mountebank is the first tool to provide cross-platform, multi-protocol test doubles over the wire.

DeepLearning.scala is a domain-specific language embedded in Scala, for creating complex neural networks. With the help of DeepLearning.scala, regular programmers are able to build complex neural networks from simple code. You write code almost as usual.

CoyIM is an instant messaging desktop application for the XMPP protocol that works with security and privacy features enabled by default, making it easier to hold a private conversation. 'Security by default' and simplicity are its strongest features.

Talisman validates code changes before they're pushed from working copies of GitHub repos. Using GitHub's pre-push hook, Talisman scans file names to prevent pushing changesets that appear to reveal compromising information.

Appium Test Distribution, a tool for running android and iOS Appium tests in parallel across devices

Mock objects framework for testing Objective-C code. It includes stubs, dynamic mocks, and mocks that can override methods in existing objects.

Binding.scala is a data-binding framework for Scala, running on both JVM and Scala.js

This is a lightweight framework for regression testing of Cascading Style Sheets.

FreedomBox is a community project to design, develop, and promote personal servers running free software for private, personal, communications

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