Welcome to Thoughtworks NYCWelcome to Thoughtworks NYC

Welcome to Thoughtworks NYC

Thoughtworks meets New York City.

Here, the vibrancy of our city, diversity of our people, and our collective passion for innovation means our clients trust us for more than software development.

The Thoughtworks New York serves as a social hub for the local tech community. Our collaborative open-format on the 15th floor is a bustling space where Thoughtworkers, our social justice allies and tech-hungry individuals converge weekly to work, mingle, share ideas, and learn.

And since NYC is the epicenter of fashion and retail, we’ve based our Retail Practice here to offer our domain expertise to retailers — helping them to transform their businesses and enable next generation retailing in this rapidly evolving digital era. Companies like Natural Markets, Amplify, Democracy Now, and Guggenheim look to us for strategic disruptive thinking, honest input, ongoing collaboration, and our pursuit of ambitious missions.

All of this creates a palpable kinetic energy in our office — which is fitting for the city that never sleeps.

Thoughtworks NYC

99 Madison Ave

15th Floor

New York



United States

99 Madison Ave
15th Floor
New York, NY 10016
United States

T 1 646 412 5200

F 1 646 412 5201

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Thoughtworkers have always been active in tech user groups and we’ve hosted countless meetups in our offices around the world.

From blockchain to continuous delivery, from evolutionary architecture to ethical tech, join us for the latest in socially aware tech thinking.

Client Stories from NYC

Driving customer engagement through digital collaboration

Changing millions of lives in more than 150 countries through the power of language

Changing the game in the retail food industry

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