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Transformação não tem atalho!

Transformação. A palavra da moda. Transformação ágil, transformação organizacional, transformação digital, transformação lean… e por aí vai. Eu estou preocupado com esse modismo. Desde que comecei a trabalhar, percebi que estamos em constante transformação. Todas pessoas, equipes, áreas e empresas estão constantemente se transformando. E todos sempre buscam melhorias na direção daquilo que almejam (mais […]

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Paulo Caroli
19 February 2019

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Java date-time timezone formats

Java has excellent date-time formatting with the arrival of java.time (JSR310) in Java 8. I point out that release as it came with a usable, safe API. (Let us never speak of Calendar again).

However, I never recall how to format timezone. There are so many options and it is easy to get is "almost right", but not exactly right.


I'd like to append a "Z" character on the end of a UTC timestamp. OK, let's look at the options, showing only those for timezone/offset:

Symbol Meaning Presentation Examples
V time-zone ID zone-id America/Los_Angeles; Z; -08:30
v generic

Brian Oxley
18 February 2019

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[eBook Lean Inception] Gratuito para instituições de ensino

Muito obrigado aos professores e todas pessoas envolvidas nas instituições de ensino. Graças ao seu empenho e trabalho eu e várias outras pessoas adquirimos conhecimento e vivência para progredir nas nossas vidas profissionais. Se hoje eu tenho um livro de sucesso, saiba que você é parte fundamental dessa conquista. Como um gesto de agradecimento, eu […]

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Paulo Caroli
15 February 2019

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[Lean Inception] Estimativa versus realidade, tamanho de projeto e mitigação de risco

Segue mais uma série de perguntas e respostas sobre o livro Lean Inception. Pergunta: No workshop Lean Inception consegue-se definir o tamanho do projeto, ou seja, determinar uma estimativa para ele? Se sim, é comum que essa estimativa não esteja de acordo com a realidade? Como posso mitigar esse risco para que eu não forneça […]

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Paulo Caroli
14 February 2019

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Talks and workshops in Agile India 2019

In the upcoming Agile India 2019 in Bangalore, I will be speaking about:

If you have not yet registered, you can use this code to get a discount on your registration - anand-10di$c-agile 

In addition, there are some great pre and post conference workshops as well. I will be participating in "Facilitating for Effective Collaboration...One Nudge at a Time" workshop - conducted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Ellen Grove

This is going to be one amazing conference to learn, network and share ideas and experiences. See you there!

. (Anand Bagmar)
14 February 2019

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Podcast on Serendipitous Events published

At the last meeting of the Doppler group, where we create the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, my colleagues Evan, Neal, Zhamak and myself had a discussion about "serendipitous events". This is the idea of publishing events without knowing whether anyone will consume them, in the hope to create moments of serendipity, where someone discovers information in the enterprise that they can use to create new value. It's an intriguing idea that is too complex to fit the short description we can put on the radar.

erik doernenburg
10 February 2019

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[livro Lean Inception] Agradecimentos

O tempo vai passando e as coisas boas vão acontecendo. Às vezes, não paro para agradecer. Então esse post é para agradecer a você por todo apoio ao livro Lean Inception. Obrigado a todos que leram, usaram e compartilharam comentários sobre a Lean Inception, o conteúdo evoluiu devido ao ótimo feedback e às experiências compartilhadas. […]

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Paulo Caroli
11 February 2019

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Test Automation in the World of AI and ML

My article on "Test Automation in the World of AI & ML" recently got published on InfoQ.

Here are the key takeaways mentioned in the article -

  • There are many criteria to be considered before building framework / selecting tools for Functional Test Automation
  • It is very important to prioritise framework / tools capabilities needed for the software-under-test
  • A good, scalable Test Automation Framework that provides fast and reliable feedback to the team enables collaboration and CI/CD
  • Debugging / RCA (root cause analysis) and support for libraries / tools used is an afterthought in most cases. Do (Anand Bagmar)
11 February 2019

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Add Redux custom middleware dynamically

Redux middlewares can be used for a variety of things. You can basically tap into a redux event and perform some action with it. Logging and analytics are very common use cases for Redux middleware.

In my case, I have a middleware component, that needs to be injected while initializing the Redux store The middleware component will be served dynamically when the app loads.

Exporting the middleware component

This middleware detects a specific redux action and persist an information to the local storage It's a custom middleware with a minimal change. This custom function takes in middlewareAPI as the parameter…

Prasanna's blog
12 April 2018

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Lean Inception eBook Kindle na

O livro Lean Inception: Como Alinhar Pessoas e Construir o Produto Certo agora está disponível na na versão eBook Kindle. Muito obrigado pelo feedback do livro. Um agradecimento especial para aquelas pessoas que já escreveram uma avaliação sobre o livro na >> Você já leu o livro? Então escreva uma avaliação na […]

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Paulo Caroli
5 February 2019

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The Trident Model of Career Development

Careers ladders are all the rage in software firms. They create structure and shared expectations around different levels. Like any model, career ladders have pros and cons. Career ladders are a starting point for shared expectations across an organisation. However career ladders cannot be comprehensive, as people are unique, like snowflakes. People bring their different […]

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3 February 2019

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Enterprise Change is Leadership Change

From the COO's perspective, the corporate IT department has hit rock bottom and they keep digging. Very little gets deployed, and the software that does make it live is embarrassingly bad.

IT is not exactly a clean canvas. ERP, CRM, document management and other key systems started life as COTS products but have been configured beyond recognition to a point where they can't be upgraded, and they're so ancient they've been disavowed by their vendors. Adding insult to injury, we're sitting on decades worth of data, but can't point to a single insight we've ever gleaned from it. The COO… (Ross Pettit)
1 February 2019

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Sabbatical Adventures: My experience volunteering with Disability Snowsport UK for the first of four activity weeks

DSUK (disability snowsports UK) is a UK based charity whose mission it is to get everyone skiing no matter the mental or physical ability. They are based at dry slopes and snow domes all over the UK offering lessons to people with every kind of disability you can imagine, running local community groups and activity … Continue reading Sabbatical Adventures: My experience volunteering with Disability Snowsport UK for the first of four activity weeks

Anne J Simmons
31 January 2019

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

4 January 2019

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Debugando Javascript (sem console.log)

É isso mesmo, se você utiliza o console.log para debugar sua aplicação web javascript, muito provavelmente você está perdendo um tempão com o processo todo.

Os navegadores modernos (como Chrome e Firefox) oferecem ferramentas incríveis e que facilitam a vida da pessoa desenvolvedora, mas então por qual motivo continuamos

Adriano Lisboa
28 January 2019

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Ski Performance Camp with Element Ski School in Verbier

Two weeks ago I had the most wonderful week.  As I’m spending at least 7 weeks skiing this sabbatical, I wanted to kick off my skiing a strong note. So I went hunting for a performance camp that I could go to, somewhere that I could focus on improving my own skiing for a week, … Continue reading Ski Performance Camp with Element Ski School in Verbier

Anne J Simmons
27 January 2019

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Quebrando maus hábitos no Vim

Se você está apenas começando com Vim recomendo fortemente o meu artigo sobre como começar. Pois agora nos vamos falar um pouco sobre maus hábitos que acabamos adquirindo ao começar com o Vim, e para isso vamos precisar que você tenha um pouco de familiaridade editando configurações e instalando plugins.

Adriano Lisboa
23 January 2019

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Repair to “Using OAuth for a simple command line script to access Google's data”

In 2015, I wrote a command line script to get some data from YouTube. Since I had difficulty puzzling out the limited documentation, particularly on the authentication and authorization aspects, I wrote a short article to capture what I'd learned. Google updated its libraries in 2016, breaking my scripts. I was busy with other things at the time, so didn't update them (or the article). Finally I've got around to it now, and updated both. Going back, I found the article handy to remind myself how to work with Google's use of OAuth, with refresh and access tokens.


Martin Fowler
22 January 2019

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Lean inception com orçamento e prazo definidos

PERGUNTA:  Se a empresa já define um orçamento e expectativa de prazo de entrega previamente para a criação do produto MVP, essas informações devem ser compartilhadas pelo facilitador com o time da Lean Inception ou atrapalharia as atividades – colocando uma limitação ao processo de construção colaborativa? – por Fabiane Castro RESPOSTA: Infelizmente esse não é […]

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Paulo Caroli
21 January 2019

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Story in a Tweet #12

“Now we’re all over the globe. Ecology is stressed, but we’ll fix that. It’s time to explore globes across the space. United as one Venturians!” All cheered. Meanwhile unaware, the farmer worried scab spreading to other apples, poured DDT on their dreams.

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Dinker Charak
20 January 2019

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