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Aceleradora ágil e inclusiva
Aceleradora ágil e inclusiva

Aceleradora ágil e inclusiva

Agile Accelerator and Inclusive Accelerator

The Agile Accelerator is a 16-week program in which a group of young people have the opportunity to experience temporary immersion in agile programming. They learn with consultants of Thoughtworks, PUCRS (Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul) graduate students and partner mentors. The students are supported to develop their technical, behavioral, business and governance skills; valuable for working in high performance software development teams. 

The program covers agile methods, TDD, effective feedback, pair programming, continuous delivery, experience design, and usability tests, among others. Each participant receives a grant of R$1,000 per month to dedicate themselves to the initiative.

The Inclusive Accelerator was born as an offshoot of the Agile Accelerator and, in addition to teaching the first steps in agile programming and methodologies to young people, it seeks to accelerate the inclusion process of the most vulnerable groups in society, into ​​technology. Each participant receives a further grant of R$700.00.

The initiative is made possible by a partnership between Thoughtworks and PUCRS, and the classes are taught at the Innovation Center of the Polytechnic School of PUCRS.

To apply for a place on the Accelerators, contact ci@pucrs.br.

Want to learn more about the history of accelerators and understand how these programs work in practice?

Download the e-book Agile and Inclusive Accelerator: connecting knowledge, projects and people to build an equitable tech future.

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