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In this era of information, engineers have access to a multitude of techniques, digital tools and technologies that revolutionise the way things are made. In this series we will take a deep dive on those things hitting you today, and mix in a little of what’s just around the corner. Keep on top of your game, join your peers at Thoughtworks Tech Talks.

Tuesday, August 31

12:30-1:15pm AEST | 2:30-3:15pm NZST

Mistakes - I’ve made a few. Blunders in event-driven architecture

Speaker: Simon Aubury, Principal Data Engineer, Thoughtworks

Building systems around an event-driven architecture is a powerful pattern for creating awesome data intensive applications. Modern distributed event streaming platforms simplify scalability and provide an event-driven backbone for service architectures. But what can go wrong? Let me share some of my own blunders and lessons learnt in building event driven architecture so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes.
Simon Aubury Simon Aubury

A little bit about Simon...

Simon is a Principal Data Engineer with Thoughtworks Sydney. His day job is building data steaming and influencing system architecture. He has an extensive background building out highly available distributed systems. His night gig involves ill-advised home hacking and random project tinkering. Simon has spent way too long working with massive data processing, ingest and enterprise applications.

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