May 2020

React Hooks have introduced a new approach to managing stateful logic; given React components have always been closer to functions than classes, Hooks have embraced this and brought state to the functions, instead of taking function as methods to the state with classes. Based on our experience, Hooks improve reuse of functionality among components and code readability. Given Hooks’ testability improvements, using React Test Renderer and React Testing Library, and their growing community support, we consider them our approach of choice.

Nov 2019

Earlier this year, React Hooks were introduced to the popular JavaScript framework. They make it possible to use state and other React features without writing a class, offering a cleaner approach than higher-order components or render-props for use cases. Libraries such as Material UI and Apollo have already switched to using Hooks. There are some issues with testing Hooks, especially with Enzyme, which contributed to our reassessment of Enzyme as the tool of choice.