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Value-Driven Digital Business

David Robinson and Jim Highsmith

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Praful Todkar and Ryan Murray

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The New Tech Industry Macro Trends

Mike Mason

8 Oct 2018

How modern IT is like TETRIS and how TOPS makes sense of everything

Dino Frese

27 Sep 2018

Why products fail: five tips for product teams

Lauren Barrett and Linda Luu

17 Sep 2018

Frictionless and inclusive technology

Matthew Johnston

10 Sep 2018

EmoPy: a machine learning toolkit for emotional expression

Angelica Perez

3 Sep 2018

Unriddling Big Data file formats

Balaji Sivaraman and Nithish Sankaranarayanan

30 Aug 2018

Recognizing human facial expressions with machine learning

Angelica Perez

27 Aug 2018

100 Years of Computer Science

Chris Ford

2 Aug 2018

IoT: Smart Ecosystems sind Türöffner für neue Geschäftsmodelle

Bernd Günter

24 Jul 2018

Write quality mobile apps in any architecture

Leandro Alonso

19 Jul 2018

Fertile data: why building quality into your process is important

Danilo Sato

17 Jul 2018

How art programs drive innovation at ThoughtWorks

Andrew McWilliams

2 Jul 2018

Unleashing the giants: digitizing automotive incumbents — Part Two

Dino Frese

27 Jun 2018

How artists are reshaping emerging technology research

Andrew McWilliams

21 May 2018

Choosing the right mobile development tools — Part Two

Aaron Brager

15 May 2018

Macro trends in the tech industry | May 2018

Mike Mason

15 May 2018

Microservices in Adopt?

Rebecca Parsons

8 May 2018

Birth of the Technology Radar

Darren Smith

29 Apr 2018

Choosing the right mobile development tools — Part One

Aaron Brager

19 Apr 2018

Our thoughts on the House of Lords AI Select Committee report on AI

Dave Elliman and Mark Brand

11 Apr 2018

Platform powered independence

Sameer Soman